New Mexico Basket - Truck Farm
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New Mexico Basket

New Mexico Basket



1 Jar of Sweet Hots
1 Jar of Just Plain Green Chile
1 Jar of Chile Salt Seasoning Blend
1 Bag of Pecan Brittle from Las Cruces Candy Company
1 Chile Verde Stew Mix
1 Hot Chocolate from Sunny’s Holiday Foods

Please indicate in the comments section of your order which flavor of seasoning (Green, Red, Jalapeno, or Chipotle), which flavor of brittle (Plain, Green, Red, or Habanero), which heat level of chile (Mild, Medium, or Hot), and what flavor of sweet hots (Sweet Hots Mild, Sweet Hots Hot, Sweet Hots Jalapeno, or Red Hots) you would like. If we are unable to provide a component of the basket at the time it is ordered, a substitution of equal or greater value will be made.